which is the best Steel slag processing equipmentDate:2019-09-03

Summary:Steel slag for high performance cement and concrete admixtures, in order to improve the performance of concrete. Mixed with the characteristics of steel slag po

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Steel slag for high performance cement and concrete admixtures, in order to improve the performance of concrete. Mixed with the characteristics of steel slag powder concrete has low hydration heat, corrosion resistance, strong adhesive force and reinforcement, high final strength, anti miniature etc., can be widely used in dam engineering, underwater engineering, road engineering, anti corrosion engineering, large construction projects, more and more by the construction industry, transportation industry's favor.

Therefore, the project of product demand in the domestic market has a lot of space, the market potential is large, the feasibility is strong, broad prospects for development. which is the best Steel slag processing equipment ? how is the production process ? It is understood, at present, the traditional steel slag ball mill because of excessive energy consumption, do not meet environmental requirements of the social development and gradually be eliminated, new environmental protection slag vertical mill become widely steel slag reception equipment, the drying hot air provided by the hot air furnace.

Its production process is: first of all, the impurity, bulk separation, and removal of iron, by the vertical roller mill for grinding, using vertical roller mill stove with heat, to achieve the drying grinding process, get into a powder base qualified powder is finished.

Secondly, the material field of underground belt climb to transfer arms is provided with a vibration sieve, impurity and bulk separation. After the electromagnetic iron remover for preliminary removal of iron. In the transfer arms arranged under the belt conveyor will screen in addition to delivery to the batching bin impurities and bulk after. In order to prevent the non magnetic metal block into the grinding, belt machine is provided with a metal detector. Batching bin bottom is provided with 1 sets of electronic belt scale. In order to prevent plugging silo, silo wall vibrators to prevent clogging of the set of two.

Thirdly, by batching scale measurement, (from belt conveyor is provided with an electromagnetic iron remover) into grinding workshop. From the barn to material via the hydraulic three air lock gate feed mill in grinding and drying, powder selecting, drying hot air is supplied by the hot air furnace. Vertical roller mill workshop grinding system for vertical roller, feed mill grinding roller is rolling is in the rotating disc, was crushed under certain load, after grinding is hot, increases the bearing is positioned on the upper part of the air into the vertical mill of high efficiency separator, separation of coarse powder and fine powder. Fine powder (i.e. product) by air into the bag dust collector, through the chute, hoist and other transportation equipment shipped to the powder storage. Coarse powder grinding internal powder selecting machine fell again in the selected grinding disc,

In order to save energy and iron removal, a part of coarse powder by the overflow device disc surrounding the discharge vertical mill by circulating material bucket machine, pneumatic two-way valve, dry drum permanent magnetic separator again except iron and then sent back to the vertical mill grinding inner circulation.

The exhaust gas from the exhaust fan is discharged into the chimney through the dust, which is most as hot air mixed cycle wind and hot blast stove in the drying roller mill, the rest is discharged into the atmosphere. Finally, from the grinding plant powder by the bucket storage top chute machine, library into the powder in the library. Powder base for inflatable garage with decompression cone, which can ensure the smooth feeding and there are certain effect. Powder storage using 4- Phi 15 * 35m reinforced concrete silo, reserves of about 4250 tons / A. Powder at the bottom of the reservoir with bulk devices, for bulk powder for export.

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