Vertical Roller Mill Using In Cement ProductionDate:2019-09-03

Summary:In slag milling grinding station of cement vertical roller mill is the main equipment. Vertical roller mill in various grinding production process has high comp

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In slag milling grinding station of cement vertical roller mill is the main equipment. Vertical roller mill in various grinding production process has high comprehensive performance, and the comprehensive performance of the high energy saving has been be way ahead in the grinding powder machine. Cement production process, the grinding stage mainly includes: raw material grinding (grinding, grinding limestone gypsum), coal grinding, grinding clinker, slag grinding four parts, at present, the cement plant in China are commonly used in ball mill (also known as the tube mill) as cement grinding equipment of each production stage, this is for many years our cement industry development level decision.

Along with the technological level of cement production progress, on cement grinding equipment performance, production efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving requirements more and more high, the mill finish grinding system of cement grinding system as the production of the most advanced, gradually accepted and recognized by the majority of domestic cement factory,

vertical roller mill market share getting higher and higher reasons

First, the vertical roller mill of high grinding efficiency, power consumption is low, the structure characteristics and working process of strong stability of vertical mills decided his relative energy consumption and better grinding efficiency, production capacity, lower than the traditional ball mill specific better running stability, this to a certain extent solve the cement enterprises in low yield, unstable operation etc. concerns.

Second, the ball mill advantage only in less investment, simple maintenance, but no vertical mill adaptability in the process with respect to the vertical roller mill, ball mill, advantage of investment, convenient maintenance and management. But most of the time can't give up on raw material hardness, moisture content of different factors have stronger adaptability of the mill because of cost. In the long run, it will play a greater role.

In third, the vertical roller mill more easily according to the need to adjust the parameters such as a cement grinding station of cement clinker daily production needs, may be provided by many different local cement clinker factory, the clinker grindability may differ greatly, if this time the vertical roller mill will be easy to adjust and discharging little difference which is easy to increase the cement fineness, quality. In addition, using the grinding system of vertical roller mill also simplifies the process flow, convenient operation, process equipment at least, more energy saving and environmental protection. Vertical roller mill will become the future of cement industry reconstruction, is the most ideal choice for expansion of cement production line .

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