Powder Vertical Roller Mill Test MethodDate:2019-09-03

Summary:Vertical roller mill test is carried out in the equipment installation is completed, the first objective is the intrinsic quality inspection of vertical mill pr

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Vertical roller mill test is carried out in the equipment installation is completed, the first objective is the intrinsic quality inspection of vertical mill products, excluding mechanical equipment problems; secondly is to test the installation quality of vertical mill equipment, on-site training of operating personnel; adjustment of mechanical equipment to adapt and be grinding material, and ultimately achieve economic and technical index and more than the provisions of the contract.

In the implementation of powder vertical roller mill test and debug, should prepare necessary tools and materials, such as all kinds of cleaning materials, lubricating oil (grease) and test all kinds of record form. Vertical roller mill around and workshop hygiene should be good, clean, well test site clearing, carefully check the vertical rollermill cavity, no construction leave things, such as steel, cement, brick, block board, bolts, a wrench and a cotton yarn and fabric.

the preparation before the mill start

the use of hot blast

  • boot seal air unit, without the specifications of vertical mill .
  • starts the kiln tail EP fan unit, before the start, close the entrance fan baffle, stir the water resistance; closely monitor the motor current value, the fan vibration value to start: start to normal after confirmation, the appropriate open baffle, entrance pressure keep grinding.
  • start circulating air unit, startup is closely monitoring the current value, the fan vibration value; determining the start normal, appropriate open baffle.
  • sequence starting library roof dust collecting group, raw material conveying group, kiln tail dust collection dust conveying group, be sure to training, top of the warehouse distribution valve position before the start, to ensure that the raw materials according to the requirements of raw materials into the corresponding data; pay attention to current monitoring bucket value to start after.
  • check the thin oil station oil temperature, hydraulic station, the main reduction station and grinding roller lubrication station, dilute oil station oil heater motor station open thin oil, when the temperature reaches the requirement, starting raw mill auxiliary equipment group.
  • The starting powder selecting unit, the rotating speed of the powder concentrator is set in the appropriate range.
  • confirmed that the grinding with baking and grinding conditions, the amount of open mill outlet baffle; the baffle plate entrance, bypass baffle, baffle hot cold closed, second hot air baffle (fully open, circulating air baffle opening the 3 grumble about, adjust the EP fan), (3 fan system) circular entrance fan baffle opening, control of grinding a 200 entrance pressure of about one one 60OPa, according to the "stove operation rules".
  • for the first time, baking and grinding strictly according to the heating curve baking and grinding (see grinding temperature curve, the other experts suggest baking and grinding temperature rise per hour does not exceed 60 DEG C).
  • according to the material situation proportioning station material bin, start and stop the raw materials group, to ensure the supply of raw materials.
  • when the mill outlet temperature reaches 80 DEG C, start spitting slag recycling group.
  • when meet the main motor conditions, start grinding motor group, after the start to pay close attention to changes in the main motor power.
  • when the mill outlet temperature reached 85 degrees or so, start grinding feeding group, set the feed, mill according to differential pressure, timely put down the grinding roller, set the minimum lapping pressure, to reduce the roll grinding; ventilation adjustment, stable material layer and a vibration mill, open mill water timely, stable system.
  • Note: the hot blast stove open mill, due to less wind, not feed too much, at the same time control of mill outlet wind temperature, may be appropriate to open air baffle, ensure the air. Control of raw meal fineness, moisture, prevent chute plugging material.

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