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Relationship between grinding efficiency and ball mill specificationsFrom the efficiency of the grinding process, the ball mill with a large diameter brings up

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Relationship between grinding efficiency and ball mill specifications

From the efficiency of the grinding process, the ball mill with a large diameter brings up the height of the grinding body and the potential energy is large, which is favorable for impact crushing of large materials. Therefore, the crushing ability of the material in the coarse grinding stage is stronger than that of the small diameter ball mill. However, the fine grinding efficiency of the large-diameter ball mill is relatively low because the fine grinding stage is a process of relative sliding friction grinding between the grinding body and the material. There are two main factors that determine the efficiency of this process:

The first is the contact area between the abrasive body and the material, which depends mainly on the size and loading of the abrasive body. The larger the load, the larger the contact area; the smaller the size of the abrasive body, the larger the contact area. Therefore, the principle of the fine grinding chamber grading design generally depends on the effective volume of the mill, the physical characteristics of the material entering and leaving the fine grinding chamber, and tends to a large loading capacity and a micro-grinding body scheme.

The second is the relative sliding extent between the grinding body and the material, which is related to the proportion of the center of the concentric circle formed by the rotation of the mixture between the grinding body and the material. The proportion of the large retention zone is large, and the relative sliding amount Less, low grinding efficiency. Although an activation liner has been added to the design of the internal structure of the mill, practice has shown that the improvement is limited. Similarly, a small diameter ball mill has a weak ability to break large pieces of material, but has high grinding efficiency.

Advantages of cement mill comparison ball mill

With the maturity of cement grinding equipment and the advancement of grinding technology, cement grinding has become an inevitable choice for contemporary cement grinding systems. The technology of extrusion combined grinding system formed by cement mill and ball mill, with the enlargement of cement mill, the particle size of the semi-finished products after cement grinding-rough grading-segmentation is greatly reduced, and 100% reduction can be achieved. Below 1.0 mm, the impact crushing function of the ball mill has been almost completely replaced by cement grinding. Therefore, in the extrusion combined grinding process system of the large cement mill supporting ball mill, the crushing advantage of the large diameter ball mill than the small diameter ball mill is no longer outstanding, and the grinding advantage of the small ball mill is more prominent than that of the large ball mill.

In the coarse grinding stage of millimeter grinding (pulverizing the material size from 20 to 80 mm to less than 1.0 mm), the principle of “grinding of the material layer” of the cement mill has the comparative advantage that the principle of “impact crushing” of the ball mill can not be compared; In the fine grinding stage (from 80~100μm fine grinding to 0~60μm), the small ball mill has a small diameter, a small proportion of ineffective grinding retention zone, high grinding efficiency, and has the advantage of fine grinding that cannot be compared with a large ball mill. Therefore, the use of large cement mills to transform small ball mills has become the ideal choice for technical improvement of grinding systems.

This paper analyzes the influence of ball mill specifications on grinding efficiency, compares the advantages and disadvantages of cement mill and ball mill, and improves the cement grinding process based on the original equipment of cement plant. The improvement project was so successful that every piece of equipment was fully functional and achieved energy savings, increased production, and increased efficiency at a minimum cost.

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