Ultrafine Mill DevelopmentDate:2019-05-07

Summary:The future development trend of ultrafine grinding machine will definitely be the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. No matter what kind o

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The future development trend of ultrafine grinding machine will definitely be the direction of environmental protection and energy saving. No matter what kind of machine, as long as it is a large-scale ore equipment, there will be some environmental pollution, etc. The ultrafine mill equipment is specialized in crushing and grinding equipment for ore materials. Its high efficiency and variety make it a lot of customers. The primary choice for processing ore, but pollution is a very serious problem, but the grinding machine equipment produced by our company will bring the pollution to the lowest point, showing the new development of the ultrafine mill equipment from different levels. We are also the various mills. The industry leader, the equipment it produces is not only efficient, but also has many types and high output. The problem of pollution is solved from the perspective of modern development.

I believe everyone is familiar with PM2.5, PM2.5 refers to particles in the air with a diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns. How big is the 2.5 micron particle size? If it is to be quantified, it is equivalent to 1/20 of the thickness of a human hair. If the particles in the air are larger than PM2.5, the atmospheric environment is already polluted and affects people's health. In recent years, air pollution in first-tier cities has risen year after year, and the air is always foggy. Many people feel uncomfortable breathing. However, this situation continues to intensify, pollution becomes more and more serious, and the crisis is imminent. People must act to change this phenomenon and let the air freshen.

Air pollution mainly comes from factories, automobiles, machinery and other industries. As the main force of modernization, mechanical equipment has helped people improve their lives and pollute the air. How to reduce the pollution of mechanical equipment to the environment? Then it needs manufacturers to innovate their own products, and continuously deepen the concept of green environmental protection and integrate them into products. At the beginning of our company's development, the concepts of energy conservation, green and environmental protection were the long-term goals of the company's development, and these concepts were reflected in the production equipment. Our company's ultrafine mills mainly have several aspects of energy saving and environmental protection.

  1. 1. Ultrafine mill starting current is low. The starting time is short and the starting is flexible. The normal working current drops by 20%-30% to achieve the purpose of saving electricity;
  2. 2. Make full use of the surplus motor capacity and improve the lining structure to increase the output by 5%-7%;
  3. 3. Reduce the maintenance of the main bearing of the ball mill to improve the hygienic environment without oil pollution;
  4. 4. The power of the original motor is greatly reduced compared with the ordinary ball mill. The installed capacity is increased to improve the working efficiency and reduce the reactive power loss;

These remarkable aspects are also the place where our company pursues energy conservation and environmental protection. The big cities in modern development are seriously polluted. More and more demand is environmental protection and energy conservation. The equipment produced by our company meets the requirements of modern development, with high efficiency and high output. There are many types, complete models, and energy saving and environmental protection. Interested parties are welcome to come to our company for test machine inspection. We are always welcome to come.

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