Tracked Mobile CrusherDate:2019-09-27

Summary:Tracked Mobile Crusher OfferTrack-type crushers are also known as crawler mobile crushers, mobile crushing plants, etc., because the cost of the process is high

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Tracked Mobile Crusher Offer

Track-type crushers are also known as crawler mobile crushers, mobile crushing plants, etc., because the cost of the process is higher than the tire crusher, the general price will be 800,000-100,000 or 100-200. 10,000 or so, due to factors such as configuration, region, sales model, etc., there is no specific number, but you can click on the online consultation to communicate with our professionals in detail, and get real-time update quotation.

Crawler-type hydraulic rock mobile breaking, also known as crawler-type mobile crusher, is suitable for the treatment of construction waste, coarse crushing of hard materials at the mining site in mining, coal mining and cement industries. The track-type mobile crusher can break down various rocks and solve different materials such as construction waste. According to the needs of the market, we have continuously innovated and built this crawler-type mobile crusher, which has now been strongly exhibited at various crushing sites.

Tracked mobile crusher development

In recent years, the mining industry has been developing in a diversified direction. As a new type of crushing equipment, the crawler type mobile crusher has broken the impression that people are tired and tired of production work. Although the overall appearance is not small, its structure Compact, small footprint, and intelligent control system, users can achieve one-click and remote control. Workers only need to use the display screen and keyboard to detect or change the operation. The labor intensity is low, the operation is simple and quick, and then combined. The comprehensive protection measures have greatly improved the safety performance of production operations.

mobile crusher

The structure of the track mobile crusher is divided into three parts: feeding, crushing and conveying. The corresponding equipment can be freely matched by the user. Under normal circumstances, it is selected and customized according to actual needs and conditions to move the stone crushing processing equipment. In terms of its main production equipment, there are many types and models, and it will affect the output and grain size of the finished products. Therefore, the great advantage of the crawler type crusher is also here - it can be used as close as possible to users. The expected goals bring better economic benefits to users.

Advantages of track mobile crusher

  1. Integration and flexible operation: The track mobile crusher can be directly driven to the site for operation, without complicated installation process, saving time and effort, changing the transition freely, and going wherever you want to go;
  2. Oil and electricity dual-use, efficient operation: energy saving, can ensure normal production in the presence or absence of electricity, and with noise reduction function, affecting residents is no longer a problem;
  3. Fully hydraulic drive, stable chassis: can be free from the influence of terrain and weather; The excellent structure is very durable, and the remote control remote control is more worry-free.

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