Stone Gringing Machine Sale In Pakistan

Date:2019-07-30 16:47:37
Stone Gringing Machine Sale In Pakistan

The mill is also a milling machine. For all non-metallic mines, the mill can do the right job, and as the level of technology continues to improve, the technical level of the mill is increasingly perfect.

Recommended for small ore mills

There are many types of ore on the market, such as marble, barite, potassium feldspar, dolomite, limestone, gypsum, etc., which can be used for crushing, grinding and milling, so that it can be better used in the market. How much the price of a small ore mill is determined depends on what kind of ore is processed and what mill is used. Let's take a look at some of the more common small ore mills on the market in Pakistan.

1, Raymond mill

In the field of milling, everyone is not unfamiliar with Raymond Mill, it is a grinding equipment with a wide range of applications. The daily output of Raymond mill is about 8-175 tons, the feed size is less than or equal to 30mm, and the finished product fineness is 0.173-0.044mm. Generally, 100-800 mesh can be completed. According to different industrial and mining conditions, it can reach 1000 mesh.

2, high-strength mill

The utilization rate of this equipment is only lower than that of Raymond mill. The shape is similar to that of Raymond mill. The feed size is less than or equal to 25mm, the production capacity is 0.6-52t/shift, and the finished product fineness is 400-800 mesh. The device has high screening rate and uniform fineness, which is not available in other milling equipment.

3, high pressure mill

The high-pressure mill has a wide application range, low investment cost and high profit. The feed size is less than or equal to 25mm, the output of the shift is 0.2-12t, the fineness of the finished product is 200-500 mesh, the feed size is large, and the discharge size is fine.

4, superfine grinding

From the name, we can see that the finished material of the equipment has finer grain size. According to the customer's requirements, the fineness of the finished product can reach 1200 mesh under certain industrial and mining conditions. The equipment has good sealing performance and large adjustable frequency range during operation.

The mill integrates all the characteristics of the traditional mill, and draws on the mature technology to overcome the problems that are common in the use of the general mill. The advantages are fully concentrated and the essence is high. The mill products are in the middle of production, and the quality, performance and flawlessness will be handed over to the customers for use.

Different price concessions

  1. 1. There are many small manufacturers in the market, and it is necessary to introduce technical support from large factories. This requires a certain amount of capital investment, so the price will not be too favorable in the later sales. We are an old company in the ore industry, with large scale and advanced technology, which can be independently developed and produced. Save unnecessary investment and get a big discount on later prices.
  2. 2. We adopt the direct sales model and the business philosophy of small profits but quick turnover.
  3. 3. The raw materials of our production equipment are relatively low, and the price of equipment will be more favorable.

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