Reduce Ball Grinding Machine WearDate:2019-03-07

Summary:Reduce Ball Grinding Machine WearMethod for reducing tooth surface wear of ball grinding machine big gearOptimize the design and manufacture of large gears and

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Method for reducing tooth surface wear of ball grinding machine big gear

Optimize the design and manufacture of large gears and improve the quality of large gears. Improve machining accuracy. In the ball grinding equipment manufacturing process, the accuracy of the gear should be properly raised. At present, the gear processing precision in China is generally 9-8-8DC and 9-9-8DC, and the tooth surface roughness is 3.2 microns. And the roughness has gradually become difficult to meet the development of production. Therefore, appropriate processes and methods can be used to reduce the roughness of the tooth surface and improve the machining accuracy of the gear, thereby improving the meshing accuracy, improving the lubrication effect, and reducing the load of the gear.

Improve the hardness of the tooth surface. Since the material of China's gears has always been dominated by ZG45 materials, the hardening of such materials is difficult, so the hardness of the tooth surface is difficult to guarantee. In addition to improving the machining accuracy of the gears, new materials are needed to improve the wear resistance of the gears. Contact strength. In addition, after the ball grinding machine gear production is completed, the surface can be hardened and aged to eliminate internal stress, improve the hardness of the tooth surface, and improve the wear resistance of the gear.

Increase the overlap factor. The overlap coefficient is the key parameter in the process of involute gear transmission. The larger the overlap coefficient, the more the number of contact gears, the smoother the operation, the smaller the gear load, and the thicker the oil film thickness. Its own level of carrying. In the case where the center distance remains unchanged, reducing the gear modulus can increase the overlap coefficient. From the perspective of the ball grinding machine itself, the most effective measure to increase the overlap coefficient is to use a helical gear.

Adjust the sliding factor accurately. The origin of wear is mainly sliding. The sliding coefficient is the main parameter index of the transmission. The actual wear amount can be evaluated by the sliding coefficient. In the process of designing the gear, the sliding coefficient should not exceed the allowable value, and try to make two The sliding coefficients of the gears are consistent. In the actual work, the sliding coefficient can be adjusted by means of angular displacement to reduce the speed during relative sliding, thereby effectively improving the anti-wear performance of the tooth surface.

Increase the degree of gear sealing. To ensure the sealing of the gear is an important means to improve the lubrication of the gear. It is necessary to deal with the problem of gear sanding and slurry, optimize the structure of the gear cover, set the function of sand blocking and slurry, and improve the sealing structure of the liner bolt from the source. Eliminate sand and slurry leakage.

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