Raymond Mill Investment AnalysisDate:2018-11-07

Summary:In the current milling equipment, the production cost of Raymond mill is very low, and the simplified three-dimensional structure design reduces the floor space

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In the current milling equipment, the production cost of Raymond mill is very low, and the simplified three-dimensional structure design reduces the floor space by about 40%. From raw material processing to finished product output, an independent production system can be formed. Reduce the waste of intermediate costs, reduce the consumption of working hours, and save investment by more than 15%. In addition, the price of Raymond mill is particularly economical. The prices of mills of different brands and different models are different. Customers should polish their eyes and compare them in a comprehensive way to select more suitable models and affordable equipment.

Our research and development team at Raymond above already has several years of experience. In the above we have the most professional technical team, precise technical parameters to optimize the design of the new Raymond mill, Raymond of this series on the environment has a strong practicality and applicability. The noise has been a lot better now than before. Current consumption is also greatly reduced. Low-carbon economy will also be a long protracted war, which fully illustrates the low-carbon green economy is still very long journey status, the difficulty is quite large, the most important part of the mill is an efficient one-time, This will eliminate unnecessary waste of resources.

Currently, companies use dry processing multi-use grinder, milling machines and other high-voltage equipment and technology, and we produce the effect of dry powder mill legal system is more obvious, more refined add style industrial wet grinding and improved equipment and technology. Our mill is master frequency, curved duct, high tightness observation door, grinding ring pressed external mediation, low energy consumption, high output, long life, etc., we as veterans milling sector enterprises welcome customers to consult, we will patiently help you solve the problem.

Increase the crushing efficiency level

So there is no uniform formula to accurately calculate how much energy is highest when the crushed material utilization when the line speed of the rotor, feed size only to be able to arrive at a more accurate data through experiments, the linear velocity of the rotor and the material to achieve the best fit . Meanwhile, due to the increased fan speed, increasing the processing amount per unit time of the classifier, linear velocity of the fan is also a corresponding increase in the transport of material upward air flow velocity increases, the transmission capacity to improve air flow, the material fed into the classifier increase in the total. Without affecting the efficiency Classifier case, powder classifier in the same amount of time to deal with the corresponding increase in the crushing efficiency rating before the two chambers to be graded by particle size distribution and grading machines basically unchanged Under the final qualifying products through grader also increased accordingly. However, in upward flow is increased, while the particles also cause some failure is increased due to the air flow through, so it needs to make the appropriate adjustments for the wind power system.

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