Production Process of Barite High-Pressure MillDate:2020-04-21

Summary:What is the specific production process of the barite high-pressure mill? As we all know, materials made by reprocessing mineral rocks can be widely used in var

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What is the specific production process of the barite high-pressure mill? As we all know, materials made by reprocessing mineral rocks can be widely used in various fields such as construction engineering. Crushing equipment and grinding equipment are commonly used processing equipment in the mining industry. High-pressure mills are common high-efficiency grinding fine powder equipment. It is suitable for processing brittle materials with low and medium hardness, such as barite, limestone, quartz stone, and ceramics. , Slag and other materials. This article will explain the production and processing process of barite to everyone, and help you further understand the high-pressure mill.

Operation process of Barite high-pressure mill

Barite Mill

The processing of barite is inseparable from the crusher and mill. Because barite is a brittle material, this article will use the jaw crusher as the front-line crushing link. The crushing effect of the barite crushing by the jaw crusher is obvious. However, at this time, the size of the barite is different and the particle size is uneven, and it needs to be sorted before entering the milling equipment. In the sorting stage, the vibrating screen equipment and jig equipment are used to double-screen the particle size and gravity of the crushed stone. And optimization to ensure the quality, purity and clarity of the crushed stone. The vibrating feeder sends barite to the grinding chamber of the host machine of the high-pressure grinding equipment. The blade sends the material between the grinding roller grinding rings and is rubbed. Then, the blower, the analysis machine, and the finished product cyclone powder collector work in sequence , Producing fine barite powder. In addition, during the operation of the high-pressure mill, the rotation of the analyzer is driven by the motor through the rotating device. Although the higher the speed of the impeller, the finer the finished powder, but the speed of the impeller should be reasonable and meet the operating range of the mill .

In summary, the processing process of barite is not complicated. Users need to properly build and use crushing equipment, screening equipment and grinding equipment. The entire processing and grinding production line must meet environmental protection requirements. We should also add it at the dust point Dust removal device to avoid pollution. In addition, the entire set of equipment must be inspected before and after operation to reduce the occurrence of failures, so as to achieve efficient and orderly production.

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