Jaw Crusher Motor Integrated InstallationDate:2019-04-11

Summary:Guide: Jaw Crusher is a traditional crushing device with the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and good adaptability. With the improvement of t

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Guide: Jaw Crusher is a traditional crushing device with the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and good adaptability. With the improvement of technology, the smashing is simple, durable, and easy to maintain, and the improvement of the motor mounting method is one of them. The following compares the features of traditional split installation and new integrated installation.

1, the traditional motor split installation

The crushing process of the jaw crusher is carried out between two jaws. One of the jaws is fixed on the frame as a fixed jaw, and the other is mounted on a moving jaw, called the movable jaw. It is toothed. When the movable jaws are periodically approached and away from the fixed jaws, the crushing and discharging operations are completed. The power source of the jaw crusher is generally an electric motor. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate by the pulley and the V-belt, thereby driving the movable cymbal mounted on the eccentric shaft to perform periodic reciprocating motion. The electric motors of the conventional jaw crusher are mounted on the motor frame of the slide rail structure, and the base is installed on the basis of concrete or steel structure. This configuration is to tension the cam belt by moving the motor over the rail. The motor is far from the crusher body, the transmission triangle belt is long, it needs to be installed and debugged on site, and the motor needs to occupy a large installation space.

2. New integrated motor installation method

The new smashing machine has its motor base mounted on the crusher body. The motor and the crusher are integrated, compact structure and simple on-site installation. The motor base of the jaw crusher is hingedly mounted on the body. The tensioning of the transmission cam belt is performed by the screw pulling the motor base around the hinge point. The new integrated installation method of the smashed motor, the motor does not need to be installed on the user's site, so the crusher installation is simpler and the equipment construction cost is reduced. The length of the transmission triangle belt is reduced, and the V-belt is more easily tensioned; and the motor tape wheel and the spindle tape wheel are both on the crusher body, and there is no relative movement, so the service belt has a longer service life. The crusher can use the standard tape wheel guard and flywheel guard, so that it is unnecessary to carry out the construction of the shield on the spot, avoiding the problem that the user does not install the protective cover due to neglecting safe work, and the equipment is safer to use.

3, the problem of integrated motor installation should pay attention

If the integrated crusher is integrated and installed, the center distance of the motor tape wheel and the large tape wheel is shortened, and the V-belt drive needs to be calculated again to determine the number and length of the V-belts.

After the motor and the smashing are integrated and installed, the balance of the broken machine will change, and the heavier the motor, the greater the influence on the balance of the whole machine. For the Y2 series motor, in the case of the same motor power, the 4-stage motor is lighter than the 6-stage and 8-level motors, and some models have different weights. Therefore, it is better to use a 4-stage motor for smashing the integrated motor mounting structure. However, if the angle of the V-belt of the motor tape wheel is too small, the number of V-belts is too small to be arranged, and a 6-stage motor can also be used.

For the traditional split-motor mounting structure, if the integrated motor is installed, the balance of the crusher is important to readjust. This is because the balance of the whole equipment has changed after the motor is installed on the crusher. If the balance weight is not re-adjusted, large vibration will occur during operation, which will affect the normal use and life of the equipment.

In short, the jaw crusher integrated motor installation has the advantages of simple equipment installation, low basic construction cost, shorter transmission belt, longer service life and good equipment safety, which makes the operation and use of the equipment more humanized.

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