Improve Hammer Crusher LifeDate:2019-03-07

Summary:Improve service life of the hammer crusherProper use and scientific maintenance are the means to keep the equipment in good condition and to improve the service

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Improve service life of the hammer crusher

Proper use and scientific maintenance are the means to keep the equipment in good condition and to improve the service life of the hammer. If the operation and maintenance are improper, it is not only easy to cause equipment failure, such as vibration, noise, heat, wear, etc., but also causes the service life of the high manganese steel hammer to be greatly reduced. The hammer crusher should pay attention to the following points in daily use and maintenance.

According to the equipment model and design requirements, the feed size is properly controlled. It is strictly forbidden to put the material beyond the design maximum size into the crushing chamber.

Since there is a certain error in the quality of the hammer casting, it is better to weigh the new hammer when it is replaced. It is divided into several groups according to the mass average. The quality and the left and right mass of each group are required to be equal. Otherwise, the rotor is unbalanced easily when starting up. Causes vibration, causing uneven hammering, and each hammer is not worn at the same speed, which reduces the service life of the whole hammer.

The plate feeder adopts variable frequency motor to ensure uniform feeding, and at the same time control the feeding speed, avoiding excessive impact on the crusher rotor due to uneven feeding or blocking the material in the crusher cavity, and accelerating hammer wear.

When parking, check the gap between the hammer head and the screen bar, between the screen bar and the screen bar, adjust if necessary, and regularly change the screen bar so that it is within the appropriate and reasonable range, not only to meet the production requirements but also Can not cause accumulation. The internal clearance of the hammer crusher mainly refers to the gap between the rotor body and the counterattack plate, the purlin and the hammer. The size of these gaps is related to whether there is accumulation near the purlins and the safety gates. If the stock is present and the hammer cannot press the stack from the stringer, the hammer will be severely worn. Therefore, during use, the gaps between the parts must be adjusted frequently to be within the proper range.

Control the water content of the mineral material, especially in the rainy season production, try not to shovel the low-lying, high-water content of the mineral material into the crusher cavity. It is best to carry out the ore material before entering the crusher. Drying treatment, reducing the moisture in the ore material, helps to increase the hardness coefficient, increase the stress on the hammer when the crusher is working, and form a work hardened layer, but this method is limited by the requirements of the crushed materials and the site.

When the metal in the crusher enters or the lining plate falls off, it is easy to cause damage or bending of the hammer plate and the truss frame, or the hammer wear is accelerated and damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a post operation check system and a reward and punishment system to play the role of the person. Initiative, once it is found to be shut down in time, the metal or liner entering the hammer crusher bin will be taken out.

The more impurities contained in the ore material affect the crushing capacity of the high manganese steel hammerhead, resulting in a significant reduction in the life of the hammerhead. Therefore, it is important to properly mix the mineral materials, especially the mud material, when pouring into the crusher cavity. Reasonable combination with limestone minerals.

Due to the large impact or contact stress of the high manganese steel hammer, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening, and the work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, and the wear resistance is greatly improved. Therefore, after replacing the new high-manganese steel hammerhead, when it is used for the first time, it is necessary to pour the mineral material with higher hardness, better quality and less impurities into the crusher to make the high manganese steel hammer head quickly produce work hardening. Directly affect the service life of the hammer in the future.

In the production of crusher, the technical parameters of the crusher will also affect the service life of the hammer. The power and speed of the rotor, in addition to directly affecting the production capacity of the hammer crusher, also affect the degree of impact hardening of the high manganese steel hammer. In order to improve the service life of the high-manganese steel hammerhead of the crusher, it must have a sufficient impact force, that is, when the rotor reaches a certain speed, it can be put into production.

It is necessary to regularly clean the internal accumulation of the hammer crusher, and the presence of the accumulated material causes the hammer to be severely worn and the service life is drastically reduced. In actual production and use, different anti-friction measures should be adopted for different influencing factors to improve the service life of high-manganese steel hammers. To achieve the correct, reasonable and scientific use and maintenance of the hammer, the high manganese steel hammerhead maintains high hardness and wear resistance, thus effectively improving the high manganese steel hammerhead of the hammer crusher. The service life reduces the cost of ore production and the labor intensity of workers.

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