Impact Crusher OperationDate:2019-05-22

Summary:No matter how good the quality equipment is, if it can't be operated reasonably, then it can't complete the production demand in production. Here is to analyze

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No matter how good the quality equipment is, if it can't be operated reasonably, then it can't complete the production demand in production. Here is to analyze the five important steps of the anti-shock crusher when the equipment is in operation.

In order to obtain better production efficiency, a production line must not only ensure the quality and performance of the machine, but also ensure reasonable operation. If the operation is unreasonable, not only the production capacity is not high, but also the failure will occur frequently, which will affect the service life of the machine. The same is true for the impact crusher. Reasonable operation and maintenance are important measures to ensure the service life. Here is to introduce the problems of the five-parts that the machine should follow when operating.

1. After purchase, carefully read the machine's factory manual. The purpose of this reading is to familiarize with the structure, composition and reasonable operation of the machine. The preliminary understanding of these can help the subsequent use process.

2. Before starting, the impact crusher needs to be inspected before starting. It mainly includes the following aspects: checking whether there is any debris in the crushing chamber; checking whether the bearing lubrication is good; checking whether the fastener is tight Check whether the protective device is good; if these aspects are in line with the requirements, you can start the production. Otherwise, any abnormal phenomenon needs to be dealt with in time. For example, there is debris inside the crushing chamber, you must first carry out Clean up and then turn it on again, otherwise the damage to the parts is more serious.

3. In the work, this point mainly refers to the fact that after the start-up, it is necessary to wait for the normal operation of the impact crusher before it can be put into production, and when it is produced, it should be noted that the temperature rise of the bearing must not exceed 30 бу C. The temperature should not exceed 70 бу C. If there is a phenomenon of high temperature, it will cause deformation or even fracture of the bearing. This is extremely unfavorable for production. It must be treated in time and strictly prevent high temperature.

4. Before parking, this point mainly means that before the anti-shock crusher stops, the feeding should be stopped first, and the power can be turned off after the crushed material in the crushing chamber is completely drained, so as to prevent the broken when the next booting. The residual material inside the cavity is a hazard to the machine.

5. After use, this point mainly refers to the maintenance and maintenance work after the impact crusher is shut down. Doing these work in time can prolong its service life and help it to better use.

The article mainly introduces the five important steps of the operation of the impact crusher. It is mainly the problems that need to be paid attention to during the production. These problems are for the better use of the machine and also to reduce the possibility of production. Faults have great significance for production.

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