Factors Affecting The Output Of Vertical Mill

Date:2018-12-21 11:50:28
Factors Affecting The Output Of Vertical Mill

Factors affecting the output and efficiency of vertical mills

Guide: In modern industrial production, vertical mills are used. Therefore, people are curious about the factors affecting the output and the quality of finished products. We briefly summarizes the following influencing factors for these two points. It will help you in your production.

Vertical mill installation

When users purchase our company's vertical mill for grinding production, we generally provide a complete grinding line. The equipment contained in the production line includes hoist, iron remover, silo, and closed metering. Feeders, vertical mills, hot blast stoves, pipes, cyclone dust collectors, bag dust collectors, etc., these devices are connected in a certain order, and then the motor is started to start, the installation of a whole production line can be completed.

Understand the installation process of the above vertical mill, we can analyze the factors affecting the output and the quality of the finished product. From the above production process, we found that the crusher treatment capacity, the iron remover treatment volume, the closed quantitative feedstock The amount of machine processing will affect the amount of material entering the mill, which will ultimately affect the amount of material ground by the vertical mill.

In addition to the above reasons, in the vertical mill grinding powder production, the factors affecting the output size and the quality of the finished product are as follows: the control of the temperature of the hot blast stove; the amount of exhaust of the exhaust fan in the system; The speed of the machine; the integrity of the mill equipment in the production line.

Among the above reasons, the temperature of the hot blast stove will affect the dryness of the powder material after grinding. If the humidity of the powder material is relatively large, it is easy to cause the powder material in the grinding chamber to bond and block the vent, thereby affecting the production efficiency; The amount of exhaust air in the milling production system can control the size and quantity of the fineness of the powder material passing through the classifier. If the air volume is relatively small, the fineness of the passing material is high, but the output is decreased; the rotation speed of the powder selecting machine will also be Affect the output and production efficiency of the vertical mill. When the speed is too high, the amount of material passing through the classifier is reduced, the output is reduced, and the production efficiency is also reduced. After that, an easy-to-understand one affects the mill output and production efficiency. The factor is the failure of the machine, and if the user can take measures to avoid the failure, the production can be guaranteed.

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