Cone Crusher Four Major DisadvantagesDate:2019-04-11

Summary:Guide: HPC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is very effective in dealing with solid waste for construction. In the daily use process of the cone cru

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Guide: HPC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is very effective in dealing with solid waste for construction. In the daily use process of the cone crusher, due to the long-term use and the equipment itself, the cone crusher is inevitably disadvantageous. The harm of the cone crusher over the iron. This paper mainly introduces the four major disadvantages and improvement measures of the round hammer crusher cone crusher.

An unreasonable dustproof device is a disadvantage of the cone crusher. Unreasonable dust-proof device, dust-proof water pipe is easy to block, and a large amount of dust enters the thin oil station, causing serious oil pollution. Therefore, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently, and the contaminated lubricating oil is liable to cause damage to the oil pump. It can be changed to dry oil or water seal to prevent dust and impurities from entering the machine body, thus ensuring the cleaning of the lubricating oil, prolonging the service life of the sliding bearing and the thrust ball bearing, and making the machine operate normally.

Unreliable safety devices are the second disadvantage of cone crushers. Unreliable safety devices make it difficult to clear the cavity. If the cone crusher is stuck and stopped, the crushing chamber will be filled with ore, and the funnel needs to be removed for manual cleaning, which seriously affects normal operation. Some manufacturers use spring-type protection device and lubrication system double insurance control, so that the cone crusher is protected during overload, greatly reducing downtime and good bearing lubrication.

Unreasonable cavity structure is the three disadvantages of the cone crusher. Unreasonable cavity structure, limited fracture surface and low production efficiency. The horizontal drive shaft of the traditional spring cone crusher adopts a horizontal shaft copper sleeve, which has short service life, low rotation speed and high failure rate, so the output is low. Nowadays, the crushing chamber of many cone crushers adopts the principle of intergranular lamination crushing, which significantly increases the crushing ratio and output.

Long maintenance intervals and fragile spare parts are the four disadvantages of the cone crusher. The maintenance cycle is long and the spare parts are vulnerable. The main wearing parts of the cone crusher are the moving cone lining and the fixed cone lining. Due to the complicated disassembly and assembly process and the troublesome filling with the filling, it is necessary to prepare the spare adjusting ring device and the spindle device. The moving cone liner can be thickened to extend the life, and high-strength materials are used in key components to increase the weight and enhance reliability.

Have you encountered any of the above four disadvantages? We will continue to share information on crushing machinery and equipment, please continue to pay attention.

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