Clinker Grinding Ball MillDate:2018-11-07

Summary:Clinker Grinding Ball Mill Of The Purpose And ScopeClinker grinding ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory ma

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Clinker Grinding Ball Mill Of The Purpose And Scope

Clinker grinding ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, ferrous and nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and other production industries of all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials can be dry or wet grinding. Ball is the material after being crushed, then to smash the key equipment. After the material is broken into the ball mill grinding, grinding operation is the key equipment indispensable. Clinker grinding ball mill capable of grinding various ores and other materials, are widely used in a variety of industries, such as mineral processing, building materials, chemicals most widely used, especially for grinding sand, lime, gypsum, slag and other materials of the most common. One high-fine grinding mill machinery is also widely used in industrial production, particularly in the mineral processing equipment manufacturers to attract attention.

Improvement On The Grinding Process

Original ball into the sand pump and cyclone coarse grained ore different, causing the system can not function properly, the increase in labor jobs, lower productivity and unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Clinker grinding ball mill process will be improved in stages, increasing the small size spiral for pre-classification, the coarse stone first grade into the milling, auto-complete coarse stone anti-sand, secondary cyclone work to ensure clinker grinding the normal operation of ball mill system, greatly reducing the artificial anti-sand operations. After careful study of our experts lattice-type ball mill production capacity improved than previously has been significantly improved to ensure that the production process of beneficiation comprehensive processing capabilities, has been recognized by the customers.

Energy Saving Ball Mill

Saving clinker grinding ball mill advantages: Compared with traditional ball mill, cone ball mill grinding application technology matched motor power can be reduced 18 - 25%, saving 70% of the lubricating oil, cooling water savings of 90%, comprehensive energy saving of 20%. Under normal circumstances, eight years without replacement of the main bearings, save a lot of maintenance costs; main bearing lubricated with grease, clean and convenient, eliminating heavy metal pollution; use of the product without changing the technical parameters of the production process, without changing the mill assembly and installation dimension saving technological transformation both for existing mill, but also create new mill. Energy saving ball mill installation: saving clinker grinding ball mill should be installed on a solid concrete foundation. Foundation design and construction of energy-efficient clinker grinding ball mill for energy-saving ball mill see assembly diagram and foundation drawing. In order to ensure positional accuracy during use of the components of large energy-saving ball mill does not change, the basis of energy saving ball mill should be used monolithic structure.

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