Advantages of River Pebble Sand Making MachineDate:2020-04-22

Summary:In recent years, the country has advocated the vigorous development of machine-made sand in various regions and gradually replacing natural sand. The raw materi

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In recent years, the country has advocated the vigorous development of machine-made sand in various regions and gradually replacing natural sand. The raw materials of machine-made sand come from a wide range of sources. Common raw materials include natural rocks and construction waste. Among them, river pebbles are one of the natural rocks, which are easy to mine and excavate. Many sandstone factory users use river pebbles as raw materials and produce them as machine-made sand for construction and engineering projects to protect natural sand and reduce engineering costs. The river pebble sand making machine is an indispensable mining equipment for the production of machine-made sand. This article shares with you the advantages of the river pebble sand making machine and the EPC project.

1. What are the advantages of river pebble sand making machine?

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After excavation and mining, river pebbles need to go through four major links before they can evolve into machine-made sand. Because the freshly mined pebbles carry a lot of soil, it brings great inconvenience and pressure to the production. If the water source of the sandstone plant is sufficient, you can use the sand washer or other configuration to clean it before entering the rough broken In the medium crushing sand making equipment, the finished products from the sand making machine are washed again to ensure the cleanliness of the finished sand. The water content of the material has little effect on the river pebble sand making machine, and can be applied to the processing and production of a variety of ore materials. Secondly, it also has a large processing capacity, uniform particle size of the finished product, excellent particle shape, long service life, and easy maintenance. Advantages can bring good economic benefits for enterprises.

2. What is the river pebble sand making EPC project?

With the upsurge of machine-made sand, there are more and more newly established sand and stone companies. Many customers have signed EPC projects when they put into production of machine-made sand projects. So what is the EPC project? Simply put, the EPC project is a one-stop service. According to the contract, we will fully consider and complete the corresponding work for the customer in the design of the production line, budget, and the procurement and production of the crusher, sand making machine, auxiliary equipment, etc. As mentioned in the use of river pebbles for sand production, we will comprehensively analyze the material factors, environmental factors, layout of river pebble sand-making equipment and the construction of river pebble sand-making production lines for customers to help customers save a lot of time and effort and bring Come to considerable benefits.

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