Ball Mill

In the mineral processing, building materials, cement, coal, chemical industry, electric power, all need grinding operations, ball mill is one of the most important mechanical milling equipment. The ball mill equipment is widely used, the main parts of ball grinding machine is a slowly rotating cylinder body, cylinder body is provided with a grinding medium, because the ball mill simple and solid construction, reliable operation, simple maintenance management, long-term continuous operation, high adaptability to raw materials, crushing ratio (more than 300) and large production capacity, so it can meet the need of modern scale industrial production.

How to buy high price ratio ball mill

A good ball mill machine equipment, not only can improve the user's production efficiency, but also can reduce the production cost. At present, there are many ball mill machine manufacturers on the market, how to buy that mill equipment and high price ratio performance?

First of all, should choose to have the strength of manufacturers, take the milling machine manufacturers in our country, greatly small hundreds, users should not only watch manufacturers strength in the choice , depends on the credibility of the company and after sale service, not covet a moment of small cheap and influence the use of equipment.

The other is based on their own characteristics to choose the appropriate material processing equipment, such as user processing relatively high hardness materials, can choose milling machine processing equipment, material hardness is milling machine equipment can be selected.

Finally, the need to remind users, in the purchase of ball mill equipment, it's better with a few sets of wearing parts, such as roll grinding, grinding ring, blade, so that in the future use even problems will not affect the normal production.

ball mill Maintenance

At the same time, we should strengthen ball mill lubrication points, suggested in the running in period, every week on the lubrication point lubricating grease. Vertical speed reducer with oil pump is connected with the power supply when the attention of oil pump rotation direction, clockwise for the right.

Ball Mill Ball Mill

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