VSI5X Sand Making Machine

VSI5X sand making machine is suitable for soft or hard and super hard materials, widely used in all kinds of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where soil clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, mechanism to build stone gold slag, especially for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, beautiful sand and high hard, special hard and abrasive resistant material than other types of crusher has yield higher efficiencies.

Product Features: Lower maintenance costs, longer service life of vulnerable parts, quicker adjustments

Input Size: 0-50mm
Capacity: 70-640TPH
Material: Granite, quartz, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, etc.

  • Optimized Impeller Enhances Efficiency By 30% And Reduces Wear By 40%

    Through systematic mechanical analysis and verification, SBM optimized the structures of impeller and vulnerable parts. Compared with the traditional sand makers, VSI5X Sand Maker obviously increases the material throughput and ratio of crushing, and enhances the working efficiency by 30%-60%. The wear costs of vulnerable parts reduce by more than 40%.

  • Hydraulic Device To Open The Cover Automatically Reduces Maintenance Costs

    In consideration of the maintenance and part replacement during the production of the sand maker, SBM introduced semi-automatic hydraulic system. By only pressing a button, users can open the top cover of the machine to carry out following operations. So, this system greatly saves labor costs and enhances the service efficiency.

  • Split-Type Structure, Extended Service Life Of Spare Parts

    Based on the actual situations of production, we found that some spare parts like the periphery guard board and impact block always wear terribly at some specific points. So, to avoid this phenomenon, SBM adopts the split-type structure when designing quick-wear parts, which not only greatly extends service life of quick-wear parts, but also reduces their using costs a lot.

  • Brand New Feed Mode

    In consideration that customers may have two production demands (i.e. sand making and shaping) which require the switch between central feeding and fall feeding, SBM made a brand new improved design on the material distributing tray so that users can easily switch the feed mode, shortening downtime for adjustments.


vsi5x sand making machine should know what knowledge before use, here to introduce you the operation of VSI5X sand making machine pay attention:

Should carefully read the sand making machine related instructions material after purchase the equipment, familiar with sand making machine use and maintenance status, must not operate their own in less skilled circumstances, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The use of power is not qualified, not put no electrode roasting well, lower electrode and the lower electrode after a few minutes to pay attention to the quality of mobile electrode, as little as possible or not to move the motor, to take various measures to prevent electrode soft fault. Once the occurrence of soft broken immediately processing.

Before the sand making machine starts to work first check with no ore or lost block etc. Sand making machine is not allowed to take load starting, starting with load will cause electrical trip or machine parts damage, so before the start should be checked if ore of iron or shall be clear, can start.

To ensure adequate power when in use, such as a sudden power cuts, remember to cut off the power first, suddenly call will cause unnecessary damage. After the end of the work should also be finishing a good thing, shut down power to leave, to develop a good habit of work.

Maintenance for sand making machine is quite important, long-term use will bring to the machine wear unnecessary, so be sure to wear degree regular inspection machine, regularly to do maintenance, regular lubrication, let your machine to play a greater role.

VSI5X Sand Making Machine VSI5X Sand Making Machine

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