PE Jaw crusher

In recent years, China's high-speed railway construction, the construction industry is in a very important position. At present, the PE Jaw crusher has been in energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection has made great improvement. The large times development needs, because of energy saving and environmental protection of PE jaw crusher, can better service modern architectural chemical. PE jaw crusher new energy saving technology use of circular crushing cavity. Coal gangue PE jaw crusher saving starting from each procedure. SBM PE Jaw crusher energy saving machine has a great breakthrough, especially in energy consumption and working mode.

Product Features: Inheritance of century-old classics, simple structure, stable working performances

Input Size: 0-1020mm
Capacity: 45-800TPH
Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore

  • Classic Inheritance, Simplicity & Reliability

    Since the end of 19th century, jaw crusher has been used in ore crushing and aggregate processing industries for more than a hundred years. SBM’s PE Jaw Crusher is developed based on century-old accumulations. So, performances of PE Jaw Crusher is totally reliable.

  • Shorter Downtime &Longer Service Life - Super-Strong High-Manganese Steel Casting

    Allowing for the operating conditions of jaw crushers are relatively severe and the quick-wear parts may be consumed rapidly, SBM thought deeply in selecting materials for core parts, and adopted high-quality high-manganese steel casting which is most recognized in the world at present. This casting greatly extends the service life of core parts and effectively avoids too many shutdowns and maintenance tasks.

  • "Power Failure" Safety Device Effectively Responds To Overload

    When materials which cannot be crushed fall into the jaw crusher and the load of crushing machine exceeds the normal level, the elbow plate designed by SBM can realize automatic fracturing and then stop the jaw crusher, thus avoiding the damage of the entire machine and guaranteeing the production safety.

  • Precise Processing, Craftsmanship Spirit

    Even though the structure of PE Jaw Crusher is relatively simple, all processing procedures require precise processing, for example: only precise machining, heat treatment and flaw inspection can guarantee the eccentric shaft to possess sufficient strength and rigidity; only precise blanking can guarantee the weights and structures of flywheel and grooved wheel to enhance the operating balance of the jaw crusher. For this purpose, SBM formulates strict quality inspection procedures and uses advanced machining equipment to deliver perfect jaw crushers.

why PE Jaw crusher energy consumption

first. PE Jaw crusher pay attention to in the use of the drive circuit power clutch device. When the PE Jaw crusher at full load operation, clutch pressure plate can be controlled automatically according to the torque output of the motor working condition.

Second PE Jaw crusher machine adopt the circuit feedback sensing device. In simple terms, this means a considerable stress induction device,because of various factors exerted too much intensity feedback, sound the alarm, so as to give feedback to the clutch device. Then, the clutch device will launch platen, stop with the motor drive shaft, thereby reducing the pressure output, in order to protect the main components of working crusher machine.

Third circulation crushing cavity of PE Jaw crusher. The cavity has the advantage of the wind-driven device will not conform to the standards of the material through the circular cavity once again return to the crushing operation.

PE Jaw crusher PE Jaw crusher

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